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If you’re looking to find purpose in your life and build connected friendships with other guys who ‘get it’, then join our flagship Emotional Fitness PODs program.

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We are tethr, a peer enabled mental health and well-being platform for men. We help men find meaning and purpose in their lives through community, peer programming, and a 24/7 support network of men who ‘get it’.

We are changing the face of masculinity by letting every man know that struggling doesn’t make you any less of a man – it simply makes you human.

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What you'll get

Accountability is hard. Approach it with science, not shame.

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What other men are saying about PODs

“The tethr POD program and my POD mates helped me be accountable for my goals. Our daily check-ins helped me push myself towards those goals and celebrate them.”

Kyle 🟠

“It helps people progress with their goals. I think I’ve just been stuck the past few years, and sort of directionless. You got to get started and this is a great way in my mind.”

Evan 🟠

“Being apart of the pod for the past 2 months has been a huge help and boost to my day-to-day mental health. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to set achievable goals, celebrating them, and having a group of fellow men to talk to on a daily basis for check-ins and to create space for each other. I feel I’ve grown because of it.”

Greg 🟠

“tethrPods are a MasterClass in accountability. Having a group of my peers hold me accountable in a healthy and organic way helped me create a pillar of support that allowed me to approach my goals with an eagerness and compassion I had not yet realized I was capable of.”

Kyle, Host of Life’s a Wreck Podcast 🟠

“Everybody is here because they want to be and they want to help and be helped.”

Steve 🟠

“TethrPOD Accountability is a great add-on to further your journey of self understanding.”

Gary 🟠

“The Tethrpod experience has given me a better understanding of accountability partnerships. I learned about accountability both in theory and practice. It was constructive to build skills to generalize to new challenges while bonding with a pod of men in real time.”

Terry 🟠

“In my four weeks in the program, I learned that it was safe to share with the right people. I let go of a lot of shame that came up as I set goals and found out what did and didn’t work for me, and I discovered my priorities along the way. The camaraderie, acceptance and the act of celebrating ourselves no matter what turned out to be so much more important than the goals I made. The emphasis on checking in with our bodies also helped me better listen to and understand my body and how it responds to different emotions.”

Derrick 🟠

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Lead by professionals

This program was designed by Men’s Master Coaches and based off the research shared by the doctors at Heads Up Guys. Our current coach is Boulder Man Founder, Jason Henderson.

If you make yourself free on Mondays between 8:30-10pm EST, Jason will help you develop the tools necessary to experience freedom in the rest of your life.

Welcome you into a safe space, help you to slow down, get connected and  focus on what you really care about and how to make meaningful shifts alongside your tethr brothers.

It’s a staple of the tethr community so make sure you jump in!

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Next cohort begins Monday, October 4th.
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